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レンタル用としてホワイトドットスキーをお取扱い下さっているニセコマウンテンリゾート グランヒラフ ホテルさんからのメッセージを転載させて頂きます。下記の内容をご確認の上、お気をつけて頂ければと思います。

【ご注意ください Attention】


Recently, there have been frequent occurrences of theft of ski and snowboard equipment at various locations in this resort. Among these incidents, there have been cases in which the wire lock attaching skis to a rack was cut through and the skis were stolen. We request that visitors to this resort take all possible safety measures. Additionally, we advise making a note of your ski or snowboard’s distinguishing features, serial number and other details as a precaution.



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